your world

so many people all around

living each in their own world

i too am living one that’s mine

obliviously all wrapped up

each in our little existence

ignoring incapable of being

in the existences of others

living lives centered in our self

our little world


and within each one of us

are also worlds within our world

rich with possibilities

but each limiting step we take

leads us to choose to live in one

the most depleted on the edge

while other worlds on worlds exist

beyond our world


you also live within your world

but then your world encompasses

all of ours just as yours are in ours

but i’ve ignored disabled myself

from existing in your world

being only preoccupied in the least

the narrowest level of my worlds

too blind to see what’s deepest within

is your world


so here i am in my confines

chasing shadows in the sun

ever feeling so short changed

as they slip through my grasping hands

how can i reverse all this

with you in you in all that’s you

so that my world can truly be

a deeper world with its center

in your world


and let it make a difference

to transform my whole existence

from environment and dimension

my actions and abilities

all my values and beliefs

my own true self and destiny

in a total change of my perspective

as I shift from my existence

into the eternal vast infinity

of your world

from human condition verses             110114
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