You say we’re always smiling

(To Fr D)


You say we’re always smiling

And that is very good

I’m glad we’ve met with your

Approval n’ so we should


Which only means to us

You wish to see us happy

I think that I should tell you

How this can come to be


So now I’d like to tell you

The reason you see us smiling

You’ve got to realize

You can catch us smiling


Only when you see us

And that’s exactly when

It’s you we’re looking at

Just think about it then


We’re smiling when we see you

That’s when we look at you

The smiles come naturally

You should know why they do


So if you want to see us

Smiling much more often

You’ve got to let us see you

Our faces start to soften


As our joy wells up

Our eyes will light up too

And thus you’ll see us smiling

Because we’re looking at you


From nutty/silly verses 110401 (April Fool’s Day) Revised 110410
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