When we pray, Come O Holy Spirit



When we pray, Come O Holy Spirit,

We’re only praying that You come to mind,

That You become a part of awareness,

Being already so deep within us,

Within the Indwelling Trinity –

The Life, the Love, the God

We’re so unconscious of,

We so indifferently ignore –


And who’d ever have any inkling

It was this indifference of ours

That made you grief your sweat

Into bloody drops in that garden

Two thousand eons ago, enough

To cross Your mind for just a second

Before You promptly brushed it aside.


Now as You send us on to our own

Emmaus, bless us with the burning

Of Your purifying Spirit to scorch

Every iota of our consciousness

To realizing the reality of Your Presence

As You abide within us, while abiding,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God,

Within Each Other in Trinity,

The very be-all and end-all, the all-in-all

Of every created thing.


From states verses/transformation verses 120607120816
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