‘To be or not to be’


(reflections on Hamlet)


‘To be or not to be’

is not a question:

it is an answer

within a question, perhaps,

but nevertheless an answer –

the answer.


And there’s no choice

(the ‘or’ without validity)

for it is the end

most ardently to be wished:


to be

or rather not to be


to be

by not being,


not by taking up,

or opposing or ending …


just being …

by not being


far above any sling or arrow,

above the outrageous,


and nobler,

far, far nobler even

than the mind,


when after the coilings

of mortality,

spirit awakens to Spirit,

being in Spirit,

Who is within being


in silence

in the unheard



From states verses/transformation verses/Shakespeare verses 120322/120730
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