the night is ended


the night is ended

morning has come

i rise as from the dead

and open my eyes

looking around me

by the light of day

by the light of the Spirit

as I live in the light

seeking His light

He lives in me

giving me light

to see in the light of day

with eyes opened

by the light within

and He lives in me

giving me life

giving me life

from where He is within

welling up from His love

life for the body

in its time on earth

life for the spirit


and His assurance



is the gentle air

permeating everything

in His love and peace

ever subtly touching

my skin my feelings

my thoughts my spirit

deep down where He is

where i truly live

as He works in silence

invisibly in everything

sustaining all enlivening

warm and close comforting

holding me without a word

holding me with His Word

keeping me in His Word


from Spirit of God verses 120118
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