The blessings that You wish for me

After what I have thus far found out
About You, this much I know:
Your point of view and mine
(Whilst I am here and You are there)
Can never be the same.

So if You should find me clearly starting
To ask You less of what I want for me,
I know that You will understand.
I’d rather that You bless me
With gifts You think I ought to have,
Instead of me thinking that I know
What I think is best for me.

Then all I‘ll do is simply wait,
Knowing You will catch me by surprise,
As You have done so often in the past,
And catch my heart, my mind, my soul,
With an unmistakably subtle hint,
Or even a sudden shuddering, juddering
Of my shoulders and my chest,
In gripping throes of cleansing tears.

And just because I can’t imagine
What these blessings are You wish for me,
The more convinced I am
They count for so much more
Than earthly wealth or health or glory:
They have to do with things invisible to me,
Beyond my store of words to tell,
Reaching past my consciousness,
Beyond my sense of what is real.

They can only have to do
With what You do in Your reality,
All these blessings that You wish for me.

from prayer verses 101108

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2 Responses to The blessings that You wish for me

  1. Ian Malcolm says:

    I find this a helpful insight on prayer. It helps to make a bridge between intercession and submission. Just one line I find a bit jarring: “then all I’ll do is just to wait.” To me the “to” is unnecessary.

    • verserver says:

      Thanks for sharing your take on this piece, Ian, and for the time, trouble and care in commenting on so many of the postings on this blog, one of which I’ve taken down because I’ve had a rethink about it after reading your comment — for future re-presentation.
      I’ve amended the line to “then all I’ll do is simply wait.” Thanks for pointing this out.

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