Surrendering Power of Possession


(Submission Addressed to Fr JP on his birthday, January 2012*)


Dear Father, as an expert in canon law,

Can you see, legally or canonically, any flaw

In the following terminology or its interpretation

Which I humbly submit in confidential presentation

(As, technically in this parish, you’re the boss):


Every time that I make the Sign of the Cross

In the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

By that awesome power of the Great Infinite,

Aren’t I in essence, form and fact

Making an eternally binding contract

Beyond space-time and energy-matter,

Applicable both here and the hereafter,

Witnessed publicly by all and sundry,

(Isn’t it also approved by Holy See?)

Signing away my power of possession –

The which, reinforced by repetition,

Notwithstanding humble origins in the sod –

My entire being as the property of God!!?

(Aforementioned not merely a passing proposal)

Thus totally placing myself at my (land)LORD’s disposal!?


Said act, as you know, is done without much thinking

And so hardly anyone has the slightest inkling

(Especially when often it’s performed perfunctorily)

Of both its contractual implications and gravity.

Whereas if, in fact, this be a legitimate interpretation,

To all intents and purposes, such said perception

Would inexorably place everyone making this Sign,

Which invariably involves not just Catholics, I opine,

(And which inevitably applies by implication

To anyone receiving such a benediction ) –

I find this inexplicably awesome to say the least.

Imagine the power which you wield as a priest! –

Under the protection of the Power extreme

Of the One who over the universe reigns supreme!

And all we have to do is simply always bear in mind:

Our souls are safe from threats of every kind.

For He has given so many assertions on this point

And even sent His Only Son whom He did anoint,

Whose self-emptying has won us back God’s friendship,

That anyone who humbly seeks and accepts discipleship,

To let Him reclaim His property with vacant possession

As His dwelling place, emptied of worldly obsession,

Would, ipso facto, be owned by Him for all eternity.


And, as de facto resident (in what is termed my duty

Of keeping said premises thoroughly spick and span,

Conducting all necessary repairs as soon as I can,

The which since on my own I have no power to fulfill

Being in total dependence on His mercy and His will,

Whereas as such it’s He who makes possible all this

By empowering me through that omnipotence of His),

In fact, I have the freedom of access and the pleasure

Of occupying this divinely designed treasure,

From which accrues further incredibly unimaginable excesses

Of superabundant love as sheer gift in the form of overflowing graces!?


Therefore, I would truly appreciate your expert opinion,

As we exist only within the realms of His dominion,

For this thing is to be viewed extremely seriously;

And thus, in conclusion, I thank you most sincerely.





From nutty verses 11225/111230
(Above submission enclosed in Father’s Birthday Card.)
(* Poor Father, having to deal with matters of canon law even on his birthday.)
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