Spirit of God overshadowing



Spirit of God overshadowing with Your Light

with the Brightness of Infinite Love

our human eyes cannot see

or are willed to see as only

the darkness of sightlessness

of blinded eyes staring at the sun

and thus have we eyes that cannot see

senses that cannot penetrate

the Truth of Your Being

unwilled by mind processing images

through projections of its self-made

shadow of itself


Spirit of God overshadow with Your Light

the darkness of being that we are

that we may live within the Shadow of Your Light

dispersing the false light mind casts

through outer and inner senses

and in Your shadow teach us to surrender

the sense of self we are subjugated to

freeing us through the faith

You breathe into us as a renewing Life

to re-create us into true children of God

living in the Light living in You

O Spirit of God


from Spirit of God/Spirit of Love verses 120715/120717
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