Shadow self



My every inclination to sin

Has all been written in my mind

In the language of my brain

The way its cells are linked

The imbedded synaptic connections

Patterns of neural networks

Determining all the states that I am in

Reinforcing all the programs controlling me

Ready to start up random loops that run

Memories, responses, learning and behavior,

The running commentaries and self talk

That run my life each minute

And worse, that continuously, inexorably,

Construct and reconstruct the illusion

I have of myself, at center-stage,

The central protagonist, strutting and fretting

His hour of empty noise and futile fury,

In his the petty pace to the last syllable

Of egocentric, perverse delusions.

And so I live my self deception

At the center of my own universe

Unknowingly, ignorantly making myself

Into a god according to my own image


From selfhood verses 111111
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