O Holy Spirit


O Holy Spirit,

O Lord, O Giver of life,

breathing life within us,

breathing us to life,

from the day we were conceived

in the womb and were born

and grew and developed,

all under Your power,

keeping us alive

even as we breathe

even as we breathe You

in the air that we breathe,

knowing when to breathe

without even learning how,

because You are breathing in us,

making us breathe without thinking

as we go on living and evolving

without thinking, without knowing,

not even conscious that we are

being kept alive by You,

as we go on living

without even thinking of You,

without even having to think of You –

as self-effacing as You are,

O hidden God, O Divine Mystery,

beyond our ordinary levels of awareness,

less aware of You than the air

You allow us to live by,


O living Breath of God.


from Spirit of God verses 121124
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