O Holy Spirit, please sort this out for me


O Holy Spirit, please

let me put the question this way:


What we’re familiar with

nowadays in this world is

for any dwelling place:

there’s the developer,

the owner and the occupier

and, or the tenant –

and they call it the right to property.


Of course this is the way of the world

and You know what I’m getting at.


And here we are, You and I,

both of us occupying

the same ‘dwelling place.’


And this is happening to everyone

all over the world:

one body and the soul

of the person born with it,

and You living in that person.


And I’m not ever going

to call You the ‘tenant’

(even if I were to append ‘Divine’)

and me the owner.

How is that possible when You

are the Owner of

the owner of the building?


(And the crucial question in all this is:

How am I to treat my Owner

who is dwelling in me?)


The answers are not really so obvious,

laughable from one point of view.

and gravely seriously from another.

And I certainly don’t know how to

and won’t be laughing at them.


(It only makes me pathetically,

ridiculously small in all this, I think.)


O Holy spirit, please sort this out for me!


Because only the Real Owner will have

the last laugh,


the (ever)last(ing) laugh!


from nutty verses/Holy Spirit verses 121127


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