long years have i been

long years have i been on this path
ahead it’s rounding its last turning
peace has descended on the evening
surrounding the traveler who’s returning

the sheep are grazing in content
knowing nearby is their master
who is only guiding another
of his flock to the still water

the air is steeped in sweetest calm
with his all-pervasive presence
tranquility beyond that fence
breathing life in deepest essence

trees lining on both sides
foliage dense with his aura of care
exude the benign and blessed air
into this traveler passing there

when the evening comes around
with such gentle gracious glowing
the heart’s ebbing and flowing
in gratitude overflowing

resting in silence in his presence
fusing with a love serene
reflect the blessings that have been
all these years that i have seen

from journey verses 110305

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2 Responses to long years have i been

  1. Rose says:

    What peace and serenity awaits the traveller at journey’s end! Thanks for sharing this poem of comfort in a beautiful and sensitive way.

    • verserver says:

      And His peace be deep within us all – blanketing us with that trusting content in Him – as we, companion travellers, reach for our home in Him.

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