little things (ii)


Little drops of water, little grains of sand

Make a mighty ocean and a beauteous land.


every thought or word or deed

is a germinating seed

wherever it may fall around

on anybody’s fertile ground

planted deep within the soil

which both the day and night we toil

with such powerful resources

of unconscious creative forces

to tend to nourish and to grow

soon reaping whatever that we sow

in our thought or word or deed

in turn becoming another seed


soon the trees become a forest

bearing the sweetest or bitterest

fruits that nourish fruits that harm

growing in our secret farm

and we will be identified

with consequences verified

with fruits that bless or fruits that curse

as the fruits that we disperse

and whoever it may be that eat

will the entire cycle then complete

the type of nourishment they get

determines what soil what plants to set


every word or deed or thought

weaves a pattern intricately wrought

within each tiny human cell

a high-end program it can tell

embedded in its memory

encoding every little history

each decision and indecision

every vision every revision

each action and each inaction

motivation or intention

every belief value attitude

each capability aptitude


and in the gene of every cell

tinier than nanobits will spell

out instructions that are taught

to every word deed or thought

that we say or do or think

body language like a blink

so on the outside and the inside

we do get identified

not so much by how we’re seen

but more betwixt and between

network connections synaptic

embedded instructions genetic


so our spinning whirling universe

isn’t outer space but the reverse

chunking deeper and deeper still

beyond the physical until

further then realms of information

into some kind of nth dimension

now we begin to imagine

the point within of our origin

where in the beginning was the word

the word made flesh that salvation incurred

a word a deed a single thought

look in the end what they have bought


it shouldn’t surprise us in the end

when we are told we must attend

to little things that we may do

if to our self we must be true

to be awake and be aware

to exercise our every care

because small matters each does count

more for what they all amount

that may be why the path to follow

according to him is truly narrow

how much narrower can it be

than cellular pathways we don’t see


from nursery rhyme/human condition verses 110220
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