Light and Darkness


The lights and darknesses of the world

are not for us  nor are we for them,

for we are not of them and do not belong to them.


But we belong to your Light and Darkness,

for we are born of you,

creatures of your self expression of Love;

and then reborn again,

creatures of your self denial for the sake of Love.


And so are we of your Light and Darkness –

that same Pillar of Fire in time past

that showed your people the way at night,

and that Dark Cloud that led them in the day

to their Promised Land.


And whereas the bright facades and dark sides

the world puts on or hides from the nights and days,

spiral through cycles of time that will pass in time –  

your Light and Darkness are for us to go through

as they reveal and dissipate the dark side and facile faith

of our self-centered self-illusions drawn from the world –

the self that you initially designed for us for all eternity.


And your Light is the Spirit of the infinite Love that you are,

passing over the waters of creation

and death and resurrection and re-creation

in everflowing movement into eternity.


And your Darkness is your unfathomable Mystery

that overshadows us as you pause …

before you next breathe into us

the Fire of your Love and Mercy,

in keener and higher intensity ,

to refine our souls for your next Darkness  …

until the day when we can burn into your Light

to be one with it

and, with it, to see you as you are.


from You incredible God verses/creation verses 120527/130509




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