Life is uncertainty?

The words keep going over

and going

and I have much

to say

and more

to understand.


Life is uncertainty.

The thing that is.


It is possibility that makes it so


And you think the worst

is possible.

The worst in the mind

which is surely worse

than reality.

And so you feed the mind

with the worst


and live them now.

To prepare to face,

to be accustomed to

the worst:

accustomed to uncertainty.

To be uncertain.


Isn’t it foolish to be wise?

Confusing, confused to see?

There seems nothing

to see

but confusion.

Seeing too as such,

too much

for the mind

to cope with.

Forced to see by habit

of observation.

By probing.


Knowledge begets dissatisfaction,

to return to ignorance impossible,



To remain confused,



all the time

is ravaging

the mind,

the nerves,

the spirit.


But yet mind, nerves and spirit,

trapped in the known,

only reinforce the vicious



And the time comes

with unconscious learning –

and of what use

is such learning –

which inexorably chokes

the very hope

in living, the very life

and beauty

of all

you seek and crave for.


And uncertainty,

confusion, anxiety

are what take on

a life of their own

fed by need and want,

by illusion and delusion,

imaginings of the worst.

And they stay alive

in the mind,

but not as your mind

would have them;

and once try to capture

some lasting significance

out of the experience

they give,

and the mind flags

and flutters and sags.

The elusive,

the ungraspable.


And the mind goes

to sleep,

is not filled with thoughts

anymore and

is not conscious of

anything but what appears,

edge by edge to the eye,

moving across the page

and you don’t know anymore,

and you don’t know where

the words come from,

and yet you know

they are not your words

and the words

have a life of their own

in spite of

your not wanting them,

not agreeing that they

could, should come

the way they do

most of the time.

The mind seems to

ease itself out

without knowing

where next to go

and where the words lead to.


It’s a trick,

a mean dirty


that you’ve always been playing

on yourself consciously.

And now,

without even being

conscious of it,

you are already drained

of any feeling,

or thought

to get on and reach out

for the thoughts

that you challenge

but can’t quite find

because the mind says,

Sleep. It’s late and …

you’re tired.

Think again tomorrow.


But you’re now used

to uncertainty.

You’ve trained yourself

to live with it and let it live

and take over your will.

You only vaguely think

of what you have to do,

not what you will do

and the vagueness is

what makes it

unnecessary for you

to go over those things

you have to do and not do,

because you leave

only time for the going over

and the going

and all over again,

you remain

in your self-living,



and uncertainty

is the mind

that seeing without seeing,

listens without hearing,

touches without feeling,


for it takes truly

a leap

not of,

a leap to faith

to be certain


to be …

at peace.


From 1970s verses Jan/Feb 1975/retouched as human condition/state verses 120116/120118/revised 120621


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