Let us learn from Him


Let us pray my soul, to learn

from Him, the Holy Spirit, praying

to learn how to learn from Him,

learning how we ought to pray,

as He’s interceding for us

with groans far, far too deep for words.


Let us pray to be alert

to Him Who is sent down on us:

to truly be His dwelling place,

that with every pulsing beat,

each breath of life we take from Him,

our awareness of Him awakes,


living out each moment of our day

within the praying Spirit of Love,

making every moment a prayer

offered to the Eternal Father

through His Beloved, our loving Savior,

as the Father in self-giving


gives of Himself infinitely

to His own Beloved Son,

who eternally returns this Love

in and through the Holy Spirit

in their Oneness of Trinity.

Living within the Holy Spirit


will we then be inexorably

swept into their divine dimension

of free, self-giving, self-emptying Love,

immersed in their divine re-creating,

renewing Love, transforming us

from one glory into another –


the one thing necessary,

as we await the blessed hope

of dying and resurrecting again

into His triumphant Second Coming –


Amen! Blessing and glory and thanksgiving

and honor and power and might be to our God …*


*John 7: 12

from Spirit of Love Verses, 121108
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