Let me now put on Your will



Let me now put on Your will

like my own skin.

As it transforms me from inside out,

and outside in,


let Your Indwelling presence

seep up from inside;

in the grace that You pour on me

let me abide.


Let Your will snugly fit

in and on each pore,

and let me acquire Your likeness

a little more.


For i was made to be this way,

to live only in You

and You to live with me, in me,

through and through.


Quonium suavis est Dominus is the Latin for “How good the Lord is.” That is, how suitable, how well fitting, how just right, how much like coming home, the experience of God is.

‘The same word is also used in this saying of Jesus, “Take my yoke upon you because my yoke is easy (suave) and my burden is light.” Suave is hard to translate. The idea is that God’s will is tailor-made, it suits you, fits every wrinkle of your back. The experience of God, then, is just right; it fits you to a t. It is the thing you have been waiting for.’

– Thomas Keating, Crisis of Faith, Crisis of Love, Continuum, 1996, p64.


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