Just as

(to Father J W)


Just as the cells in our bodies

communicate back and forth

such as the cells in my brain

send messages and receive

information from those in my feet

so are we as cells in His Mystical Body

only a thought away from each other

for time and space don’t matter

as He transcends matter and energy

and within our present knowledge

and understanding

at least even

the nth dimension

of interwoven membranes

while I sit at His feet

as He holds you up

high in His thoughts


and if one single thought of mine

can so impact the universe

as to affect its processes

so can our thoughts impact

one another such as they somehow

blend and produce emergent properties

we cannot imagine

welling up returning into His eternity

reflecting how His life light and love

continuously create new vistas of

beyond-thought that flow and merge

into the awesome infinity

of the reality of our God

drawing intensifying

this craving within

for fulfillment

through Him

with Him

in Him.


From you incredible God verses 120925/120930


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