Infinity confined in space
Eternity in time

Many of us like William Blake
Might well have visualized
The entire world within
A tiny grain of sand

But we, like Blake, can only just imagine
This world reduced into this sand
Or else allow this sand to remind us of
The bigger world

You on the other hand
Did not just see but actually compressed
Divinity into a Man
Infinity into His flesh
Eternity into the time He lived on earth

And so did You reduce Yourself
To do Your work within our finite world
While yet achieving that
Which can exist only in realms of vast infinity

And then did You do more
You turned a piece of bread into Yourself
And wine into Your Blood
And then You said to eat and drink
Your Body and Your Blood

And so did You reduce Yourself
Into the kind of food our humanness can take
To fill us with Your own Divine Infinity

Whereas when You redeemed humanity
Believe it as we may
Within our limited imagination
It actually seems somewhat quite remote

What’s happening is so beyond imagination
That it just boggles all our minds
To actually personally feel
To experience in fact
What containing Divine Infinity and Eternity
Within these puny bodies of ours
Is really like and we don’t even know
The half of it

But when we eat and drink
Your Body and Your Blood
It’s happening for real to us
We’re actually putting You
Into our mouths and swallowing and keeping You inside

It’s no surprise
What it really does to us
The moment that You enter us
So very physically
And as we start assimilating You
Being assimilated into You

You do reduce Yourself
To do Your work within our finite world
That we can personally live through
What You achieve
In realms of vast infinity

from creation verses 101021

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