i would rather be

Psalm 84: 10 
10 For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of wickedness.


would it be too little to ask

to let me stand inside your gates

and feel the upright on my back

in non-participating vicarious joy

at the sounds of celebration

flowing fast and freely

through your chosen ones

would it suffice to know

could i be satisfied

expecting no more

within this your limitlessness

than that i’m safely in at least

or would it be a real affront

to your superabundant love

that must outdo all forms

of hospitality for actually

it’s not just hospitality

you are offering to this

child of yours and thus

by implication I take you

as niggardly like my false

humility and pettiness

O i’d rather be

casting behind every

bundle of longing

every breath-held yearning

flinging myself at you

in reckless abandon

eyes bursting to consume

the wondrous sight of you

arms thrown open releasing

my wrenched out heart

that longs to have its fill

of your outpouring self

my Lord my Lord my God


from longings verses 110918/130919
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