i know how you can get away


i know how you can get away

playing your runaway



you even do it blatantly

without facing any



no one would likely have a clue

since things get filtered through



when things happen everyone’s stuck

with thinking it’s pure luck

with absolutism


we wouldn’t think it’s you it even

seldom occurs to us given

our materialism


it’s a tendency to favor

extremes in an all-or-



that’s why one possible conclusion

it looks like an illusion

for skepticism


and then the usual tendency is

to slip when all’s amiss

into escapism


since no one’s even taught it

or ever caught it

at syllogism


attempts to describe it are prevented

no one has even invented

a euphemism


of course that makes it very sure

you needn’t at all endure



it’s become what you can call

an art beyond all



so then you needn’t be afraid

someone will go ahead

and find out


for no one – the fact is –

knows what it is

all about


actually this favoritism of yours

is just an ism of course

that is not


because in fact in all reality

you favor everybody

a whole lot


you can very well afford it too

for giving’s what you do

ad infinitum


if only we could all realize

everyone’s won the prize

we can assume


it’s all there for the taking

what it takes is waking

to your love


please teach us to accept

your plan that we be kept

a part of


your favoritism without bias

doesn’t qualify as

an ism


but could you please dismiss

really all of this



these lines were never intended

for such up-ended



so please forgive my carrying on

it’s more than bordering on



from nutty verses/talking to God verses 110203
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