i didn’t know you then


i didn’t know you


unborn into this

my world’s


like a thought

not having

emerged from

or even entered

the mind


a day that came

and went within

without me


a part of it

your being

already a given


nor did i go

in search of you

though my ears

were ever just

about to hear

the slightest vibrations

before the sounds

of you


nor did i ask

what or when

as they then formed

a part of my hearing

though i didn’t know


(in the caverns

of the cities

of my existence

the superhighways

by and underpasses

the twists and turns

of the unconscious

have lives of their own)


and yet

what is ‘born’

within me is

only when it is

captured within

conscious awareness

growing or not

at a pace

all its own

coming only

when it arrives


only as the flow

would or would not

allow the emergence of

the overflowing of

into awareness


and flood the passages

the flowthroughs

of acceptance in

the inevitable

the integral fabric

of living


integral now

to my very soul

O my inner living



from awareness verses/states verses 120510
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