how to love our neighbor




you didn’t did you sweet Lord

change your mind

when you modified

your great commandment

of loving our neighbor


was it rather more

a cycle of conversions

not quite one glory to another


more like repenting

turning away

from one level of self

onto the next


from loving instead of hating

from doing unto instead of doing in


and look at what

hating and doing-in

have brought into the world:


anxiety and stress

disorder distress

accumulative mess


from doing our own self in to doing unto

from doing our neighbor in to doing unto

never mind

that unto-ing them

the way we want to be done by

is undoing what they want

for themselves


from hating our self to loving forgiving

from hating neighbor to loving forgiving

never mind yet

that we should love our neighbor

the way we love our own self


and look at what

self-love and self-imposition

have brought into the world:


anxiety and stress

disorder distress

accumulative mess


and then finally Lord

make us learn

to love one another

as sister brother

as you sweet Lord

have loved us

and how you have loved us

with a love so fine

a love divine

totally giving

seeking nothing

in return


a conversion into your love

from one glory into another


from self and self-love

from self-willed self-centeredness


by Your grace

to Your will

with Your grace

to Your will

for our self

for our neighbor


and look at what

this will bring

to our world:


complete release

a love that frees

with blessed ease

and untold peace


From love verses 111003
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