Forever His

Within my fixed dimensions
Of time and space — past, present and future,
Width and depth and height —
It’s true that I was born and live
And at some point in time will die.

But in His Great Infinity,
Beyond dimensions, real or imagined,
I existed in His mind
Long before ever I was born;
And He’ll be holding me in His thoughts
Long after I’m supposed to die.

So, if I accept
Only this truth of His,
As Being my own Creator,
Would I be existing all eternity long.

In fact, if only I accept
Another truth about Him:
My own Creator as my Father,
Loving and giving beyond belief,
Beyond whatever that I am,
Whatever I could be,

Then would I truly be
Forever His,
Forever His.

from creation verses 101021

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2 Responses to Forever His

  1. Ian Malcolm says:

    I can appreciate the thought this poem is getting at, but the expression is, for me, sometimes awkward, especially the lines:
    “In point of fact,
    Within His non-dimensional,
    All dimensions of existence,
    Would I be existing all of eternity long.”

    • verserver says:

      Good of you to point this out, Ian. I’ve had some (vague) feeling of awkwardness too — like a lot of table-thumping. For the time being, I’ve tightened the lines a bit. Maybe the idea should be expressed in another form. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks again for being so instructive.

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