Father JP’s gone fishing


Father JP’s gone fishing,

And it’s boys that he is fishing

With … and it’s them he’s teaching

That there’s nothing

More delighting

Than fishing.


You can be imagining,

With his jovial bantering,

His kidding and his ribbing,

He’ll soon be having

All the boys doing

Some fishing.


When they’re really good and going,

You don’t have to be guessing

What Father will be doing:

They’ll be realizing

That there’s fishing

And fishing.


And, of course, this other fishing

Is really what Father’s wishing

That they’ll soon be deciding



So that all his coaching

Can be bearing

Some fishing.


So let us all of us be praying

He gets the fishers he’s seeking,

When Father takes the boys fishing,

Kidding and delighting,

From fishing

To fishing.


From fun verses 111125


Post Script:

And now, even more sneakily,

Father JP has (Father, really!)

Been asking each parent –

Isn’t that so apparent,

(Throwing all the heavy books) –

To come themselves and …help bait the hooks!


From fun verses 111125 Post Script added : 111130
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