Dear Fr D – oh no



Dear Fr D (– oh no we’re not talking about a llama

we’re talking about a tricky quadrilemma)


i want to let you in on something i’m thinking of writing

about a young priest – of course i call him Father –

but you have no idea whatsoever who he is

who’s making me see triple or quadruple rather


he’s not only a channel for Him to reach out to us

he also reflects Him as though He’s walking and talking

and living and breathing in and through him

by simply being his own young self (there’s no mistaking)


firstly he reminds me of Him in His younger days

and that’s the start of the quadruple cross-eyed vision

it necessarily involves the past-present coincidence

(secondly) while also involving the human-divine fusion


which of course must (thirdly) also entail the finite-infinite

with each (fourthly) keeping his/His separate nature and identity

and if you think hard enough about it you’ll find

we’re talking about other dilemmas like time and eternity


so now you know we’re not talking of llamas

what we’re talking about here is quadrilemmas

but if you look beyond the fifth to other lemmas

we’ve actually been dealing with multi-lemmas


not dilemmas trilemmas or quadrilemmas

not quint or sex (especially not sex!) or sep or octo

these thoroughly confusing multi-lemmas

can surely drive you completely wacko


and herein lies the problem of religion

with the infinite being so very elusive

finite minds although extremely intelligent

would rather focus on the finite – exclusive


so all of us must get down on our knees

to pray for Him to bless us with His grace

His will be done faith give light to everyone

that is to say the whole of the human race


From  nutty verses/wacky verses 110919
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