Welcome and thank you for deciding

To read what’s written on these pages

Because the moment you did that

You caused something mysterious to happen

Not you but someone in you

Before you did our minds were separate

Each in its own reality

The moment that you decided

You have allowed our minds to meet


A book left on the shelf says nothing

It might as well not have been written

It’s only when someone takes and reads it

That it’s allowed to open up

And so the thoughts that fill the pages

Lying dormant as if sleeping

Seem to have been roused to life

That’s what your decision amounts to

By which you triggered off the chain of events

Driven by a hidden power that from the beginning

Brought everything into existence out of nothing

Which now brings about this ‘handshake’

This meeting of minds in spirit

And we call this ‘communication’

For which I thank you

Because your intention and decision

Are such a friendly gesture and I thank you for it


And if you think about it

It’s something of a miracle too

Something happening before our very ‘eyes’

Yet seen differently than the way we see ‘things’

Something that takes place in spirit

And when you add to the equation

The fact that we are beings of spirit

Who live and breathe and move in the Spirit

Imagine the ‘feeling’ of being bonded in spirit

Through the ‘medium’ of the Spirit whose reality

However dimly mirrored now in this experience

Uncannily manifests itself so incredibly.


From states verses 120126
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