Because words can never



Because words can never

describe you

nor represent

the experience of you

and because your reality is beyond

imagination or thought

since words imagination thought emotion feeling

all remain within the confines

of the finite

let me not anticipate

by asking for this or that

but in silence wait for you

wait on you

without my normal assumptions

set all my faculties

in abeyance

and welcome

whatever it is

that you wish to reveal to me

in whatever way it is

you wish to do so

and so

here I am Lord

your servant

is all ears

in body mind and spirit

all ears in the way you have privileged me

to be all ears

beyond the ears that I have

with which I failed to listen

for ‘listening’ to your word

comes only from you

beyond the listening I’ve come to assume


from contemplative prayer verses 121112
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