As we create our own realities



As we create our own realities –

Limited and perverted as we are:

Creating illusions merely for serving self –

Only when You refine our awareness,

Our imagination and creativity,

Will we be creating such realities

As come closer to those that You will

On earth as it is in heaven,

And the realities we live in and live by

Will be more of what You have in mind

For us and for the entire universe.

And so Your work of creation through us,

Though everything that You create,

Will in deed be, will indeed be.


From creation verses/transformation verses 111203


Concept derived from Fr John Wong in his series of
Thursday evening talks, Franciscan 5, 111103 – 111202,
St Mary of the Angels, where he distinguished between
the Creator and the ‘createe’ (who cannot be seen as a
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