And what You do becomes You



And so does loving become You,

As love Yourself, Alpha and Omega,

Alpha beginning beyond past time,

Omega unending beyond future time.


So, too, does creating become You,

As Your love expresses its fullness,

From nothing to everything,

From inanimate to life form.


And each time that a seed should die

And germinate into a plant,

Each time a human egg is fertilized

And cells begin to replicate,


Are You doing what becomes You most,

Loving and creating and expressing,

And extending Your life and love

In self-giving to all that You create.


And so does everything You do become You –

So becoming as only You can be –

And in Your image and likeness, too.

For all matter You alone spiritualize.

By You alone does spirit materialize.


From creation verses 111103
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