According to the Stats


(After listening to a homily by Father JP

on the 2nd Sunday after Easter 2012)


Dear Father JP:

Well, you estimate that,

according to the statistics,

You have 34 years,

In which case, I have only 13 –

Less than one-third the time you have –

To live through the 40 days

between His Resurrection and Ascension

to resurrect from a worldly mindset

to the true faith in the Risen Christ.

Without Him physically present

as He was to the first apostles

when He could just say

‘Blessed are they’ or

‘Happy are they’ directly

and get them instantly transformed

to go forth and speak in different tongues,

I’d definitely need a whole sea

from His ocean of  Divine Mercy

through the intercession St Faustina

to make it to the moon, not to say the sun

(yes, better not say the sun,

because if anyone gets near enough

they’d be singed into gas)

much less anywhere near where He ascended!

So there’s no question

but that I need you to pray very hard for me,

and all those like me who need your prayers,

before you go on your sabbatical,

because once you go,

where am I going to look for you?


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