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Profession: convert (like a professional student, a professional convert is always at it.) The conversion is on-going due to the conditions pertaining, call me a hard-case nutcase needing to undergo multiple therapies – more likely because synaptic connections and neural networks need unwiring and re-wiring (or levels of consciousness require re-integrating) layer by layer – although each ‘change’ can be instantaneous? Mine started big time when I returned to the Church on 2010, Sep14th after a lapse of some 43 years! Imagine all the accumulated ‘grime’! My first official conversion was at age 19. (Come to think of it, there were a few major ones even before 2010, like when I quit smoking after 33 years in 1995, (apparently all my ‘parts’ agreeing that was the thing to do with no ‘will-power’ involved — which only means He heals us even when we’re alienated from Him) and I had to about turn and entirely change my lifestyle from 2009 Mar 15th , after  being diagnosed with Diabetes 2, which people would have you believe to be for life but of course it’s really reversible – that’s when I learnt both literally and figuratively what ‘repentance’ means.)

Religion: Catholic 

Gender: Male

Age: Born in 1940

Residence: Singapore (but mostly somewhere in ‘inner space’)

Name of Blog: versinginhim – (only versing in Him, because not well-versed in Him at all)

Description: a stream of prayers rising from the everlasting spring of the Eternal Word of God indwelling in all of us, and welling up to heaven, all honor and glory to Him.

Pen Name: verserver – to avoid identifying myself with the verses and jumping into the illusion that I did it ‘my way!’ (Apologies to Frank, one of my all-time favorites, including Dean, and Bing, and Nat, and Tony, and Perry, and Slim, and Jim, etc, etc., bless them all.) (He wants us to deny even our selves – kenosis – much more anything connected to us, lest perhaps we worship the gifts and not the giver?) 

Voices: Multiple (voices in my head, including a kid’s.) This is very normal (my unqualified ‘expert’ opinion – because I have no qualifications or expertise – but, who’s completely normal, anyway? By which group’s norms? All of us hear voices, just part of the way our brains process info, anyway.)

Genre: verses (any quality or value or grace comes from the Holy Spirit; any flaw or defect comes from the imperfections of this limited self who is only offering itself and trying to be of some use to Him.)

Caveat: in view of the above imperfections, I quote:
‘If I should say anything that is not in conformity with what is held by the Roman Catholic Church, it will be through ignorance and not through malice.’ St Teresa of Avila

(If she can go that far, who am I ? So, please forgive any  ‘ignoramusing’ on my part – my apologies to the ancient muses.)

May the Good Lord bless whoever visits this blog. I pray that you do come across something meaningful to you (actually, you surely will, if you haven’t already – here or elsewhere – just because you’ve started seeking.) I want to thank you for allowing me to share these verses with you. May the Spirit of God ‘blow where He wills’ within you.

111114 (please note all dates are year/month/date)

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