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Self talk

The words I say aloud, within and to myself:
Little drops that fill my oceans,
Little grains that build my world,
Molecules making up my entire reality.

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words are what

words are what
we shout in joy
hold back in hurt
whisper in ears
slyly slip in jest
— — are
— — —  gone
the tail end
of a truth
catch and share
a moment with
almost forever

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The blessings that You wish for me

After what I have thus far found out
About You, this much I know:
Your point of view and mine
(Whilst I am here and You are there)
Can never be the same.

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Today I looked up at the clouds
And suddenly thought I could make out
The shape of something much like angels

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Infinity confined in space
Eternity in time

Many of us like William Blake
Might well have visualized
The entire world within
A tiny grain of sand

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