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The Puppet Show

“Why do you weep, poor puppet piece,
And wet your body made of painted straw?
The hungry cock pecks at you without cease;
Insensate thing, what do you weep for?

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Thank You


Thank you for reading these verses
Thank you for sharing these thoughts
For today right here and now
Both of us you and I

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If I Don’t Know What To Say


If I don’t know what to say,
All I have to do is pray.
When I open up my heart,
That’s when I know that I can start.
I write the words I said in prayer
And that’s the place to start right there.

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I love you, Lord


I love You, Lord,
But even I can tell
This love is not enough –
It’s not like what I’d feel
If I were truly, honestly to love You
With everything I’ve got.

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Grace Before Our Daily Bread


Bless us and bless this food before us, Lord
Which we now share all through Your loving kindness
That what we eat and drink will nourish our bodies
To give us strength to serve Your will.

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