This is one of the shortest verses in this collection. It is derived from the idea that our ‘ear’ is in our heart. It is a monologue, both as a self-invocation to the server to serve and for verse to begin serving, as well as to the ‘verser’, who does the versing, to serve. 


It involves the use of a compound word which may appear to have been waiting to be put together in order to serve the purposes of these verses. Being associated with them gives me a deep sense of honor and connection with words, with the Word.




Once a short verse appears, others seem to come too. In the same vein, the ‘server’ in this next compound-word is within the ‘verse’ in a ‘verse-serve-verse’ universe, where again the invocation is for both verse and verser to serve and the server to ‘verse out’.




The third verse can be read as ‘server sing’ or ‘server-versing’ or ‘serve-versing’ or even ‘serve verse, sing!’




The fourth verse can be read straight as ‘verse-serving’ and ‘verser serving’, just to act as counterpoint to the previous one.




The fifth word – a single word ending with ‘-ing’ now turned into a compound word – borrows on the multiple meanings of the previous verses. It tells of people like me as a Catholic convert who went astray and came back. The word carries the meaning derived from ‘revert’ as well as ‘turning around’ or ‘repenting’, within the experience of all being  ‘reversed’ through His salvific action. Of course, this word can also be read simply as  ‘re: versing’ as in an email or letter heading, referring to all of the compound-words in use.


It’s also now quite obvious that these compound words could possibly ‘serve’ as domain names. A domain name describes a ‘place’ in cyberspace which is parallel to as well as a subset of that created universe in which we – our sun and the planets – occupy a tiny dot. Cyberspace is also that invisible reality practically everyone who has a computer accepts without any effort. Like so many of our experiences on earth, it is one of those ‘close, but not quite’ an experience of the Creator, though they could bring us to greater awareness of and a ‘used-to-ness’ with that ‘other’ invisible reality.


From the above, by definition, these are to be considered only as verses, not poetry, if you like, ‘verse’ as used here meaning ‘stringing words together’.


(Related words and meanings: servingverse, serveuverses, versesuserve, verse2serve, servingwithverse, etc)


Caveat: thank you for your patience in reading up to this point. Please stop here if you find this not to be your ‘thing’ or if you think that ‘poetic license’ is being carried too far. The following gets even ‘headier’ and more ‘out of this world’.






This next compound word is the obvious combination of ‘universe’ and ‘multiverse’, which are now relevant as part of the growing meaning of the above verses, expanding my consciousness of creation to which I belong, as well as the awe I hold for the Creator of this ever-increasingly expanding universe who has so generously accepted me back into His ‘fold’, His kingdom, His reality – which is even bigger than the universe (or any number of parallel universes put together.)

The verses also then refer to the ‘different (parallel) universes’ we live in. Thus they ‘traverse’ the ‘universes’.




So, playing with words to keep in touch with words, could help keep being conscious of, looking at and looking for the Word in these words – to see the Word in every word, to see Him in everyone and everything, or to let each word, each person or thing lead me back to the Word.




The final step is to put all these compound-multiple word-verses together to carry all the intended and unintended meanings and results, one of which is ‘many(multi)-verses-in-one (uni)’ as in ‘many poems in one’ or ‘a multiple-poem poem’. (I wonder where this has been done before):






reversing –





wouldn’t it  be


for you and me

to see

by now





mad we are –  ‘having

lost it’ –


the meanings we attach

to ‘it’ may not necessarily even match

but of course we needn’t brood

but just take whichever one is good



from verse verses 101227

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